Original Title:
銀河機攻隊 マジェスティックプリンス
© 2013


2023 in the earth calendar. Mankind had found their way into space and obtained a number of resourceful asteroids. It had seemed that their future and prosperity were guaranteed.
Seventy-six years later, a mysterious force, Wulgal, calling themself Pan-Galactic United Empire, descended on the Jupiter zone which was the bridgehead to outer space. For the first time in human history, a full-scale war against aliens broke out and the earth has faced a fateful crisis.
Secret military agency called MJP, which belongs to Global Defense Force (GDF), used to be a research institution of genetic engineering with a view to generating humans who are suitable to survive in the space. But the military leadership detected the presence of outer-space force and changed it into Military Junior Pre-academy, which became a military secret agency which is under direct control of GDF high command. In MJP, Team Rabbits, which is a squad belonged to the Special Space Battle Battalion specialized in military operation, is equipped with the cutting-edge new-generation high-standard universal battle device called AHSMB and sent to the war front as a shield while the main army withdraw.


Keitaro Motonaga
Series Struction
Reiko Yoshida
Reiko Yoshida
Character Design
Hisashi Hirai
Release Date in Japan
April - September, 2013
30 minutes x 24 episodes