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First hitting the big screen in 2012, the Eight Rangers represent a new breed of superhero. With their intensely unique characters and their devotion to the struggle of good against evil, the Eight Rangers dynamic is packed with comradeship and rivalry. Their down-to-earth Kanjani Eight charm produces surreal comedy that appeals to fans across all age groups and has given rise to a new genre of "Superhero variety entertainment".

Tsutsumi picks up the megaphone again to direct the charismatic Kanjani Eight in this sequel. Also hopping aboard for another excursion are Noriyuki Higashiyama, Becky and Naoto Takenaka from the previous film. In this outing they are joined by Atsuko Maeda, Hidekazu Akai, Diamond Yukai and the comedian Katsuhiro Higo (from the "Dacho Club") in a fun line up of old and new faces.
This time, our useless superheroes lead us through a tale of lost love, breathtaking betrayals, sweat-drenched fights, impersonation smackdowns, drama, laughs, suspense and action. It's an all-new, ever-powerful, new-and-improved Eight Rangers delight that'll reach your screens this summer.


5 years since we last saw the guys taking their toll.
Believe it or not but our team is on the verge of splitting up.

The year is 2040. With the Dark Crusade vanquished, Eight City is basking in the success of Mayor Otsuru's "Zero Project" which has reduced crime rates to nothing. Heralded as saviors of the town, the Rangers are keepers of peace in name only and their job is now a cushy one indeed. Highly-salaried and famous, their days revolve around cash and women admirers. This gorgeous lifestyle is a far cry from their humble beginnings in poverty. The only blemish on this set up is the absence of their buddy, Red.
Although Eight City has emerged as a model of peaceful existence, in the shadows, every year over a hundred people are going missing. A tenacious and tireless female journalist, Jun Saigo, decides to get to the bottom of this mystery. Her suspicions lead her to go undercover and she starts working as a secretary at the Heroes Association.
Suddenly, one day, there is a bombing in the town. Having drawn the attention of the townsfolk, the banner of the Dark Crusade appears on a massive TV screen in the center of the city. Who else should appear as the leader of the forces of evil but their former ally, Red who demands "Abandon the Zero Project at once or else there will be a price to pay!" The Eight Rangers are in turmoil at this sudden act of betrayal but resolve to go on the offensive.
However, no sooner do they set out for the baddies' base when they encounter a new Red, empowered by a totally new superhero suit and armed with a new spirit of resolve.

Background from the previous film
It is the year 2035. A terrorist organization, "Dark Crusade" threatens the city. To protect the peace, the townsfolk appeal to the Heroes Association as a last resort. But the remaining heroes, the Eight Rangers are ineffectual losers, working as superheroes and fighting evil on an amateur basis solely to pay off their debts. When the leader of the terrorists, Mr. Dark, ups the ante and threatens to blow up on oil refinery on the edge of town, things look desperate. His aim is to kill Captain Silver, the inspiration to all superheroes. As the Eight Rangers realize their true calling and rally to the cause of rescue, they only succeed in bringing about the death of Silver himself and uncovering evidence of an even greater crime.


Yukihiko Tsutsumi
Yuya Takahashi
Kazuteru Harafuji
Susumu Nakazawa
Subaru Shibutani
Yu Yokoyama
Shingo Murakami
Ryuhei Maruyama
Shota Yasuda
Ryo Nishikido
Tadayoshi Okura
Toru Hasebe
Shigetomo Madarame
Sound Recording
Hisao Usui
Nobuyuki Ito
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