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A limbless teacher is newly assigned to Class 3 of the 5th grade at West Matsuura Elementary.

Mr. Akao born without limbs and his teaching assistant Shiraishi, two longtime friends strives together and cooperate to teach the 28 young minds of the 5th grade class

The best-selling author of No One’s Perfect, Hirotada Ototake, stars in the stirring film adaptation of his own semi-autobiographical novel based on his own 3 year experience as an elementary school teacher.


One first day of school at West Matsuura Elementary: a teacher with neither arms nor legs walks into the 5th grade’s Class 3.
Yusaku Shiraishi (Taichi Kokubun), a former school teacher working at the board of education had asked his long-time friend Shinnosuke Akao (Hirotada Ototake) to work for a year as a temp teacher. Akao, who was born missing both arms and legs, was unable to pass the employment test for teachers which examined basic skill sets that required the use of all limbs. But now thanks to Shiraishi’s efforts Akao’s dream of becoming a teacher comes true. It also motivates Shiraishi to return to school, this time as Akao’s teaching aid.
Seeing Akao in his electric wheelchair, the students are dumbfounded. As Shiraishi anxiously watches, Akao initiates by saying, “As you can see, I have no arms and legs. So whenever you think I may be facing any difficulties, please don’t hesitate but do help me out.” Still, the students are confused and cannot find a way to react.
The students of Class 3 face various problems of their own as they reach adolescence such as classroom bullying and issues at home. Shiraishi and Akao, through failures and regret and in times coming head on with their colleagues, work together to truly coming face to face with the students. Their constant encouragement being, “Everything will be all right”.
And this is how Akao, Shiraishi and their 28 students’ turbulent year, decked with laughter and colored with tears, begins...


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Hirotada Ototake
Ryuichi Hiroki
Masato Kato
Genki Kawamura
Taichi Kokubun
Hirotada Ototake
Hiroko Sebu
Motonobu Kiyoku
Junichi Kikuchi
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