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A movie set in “space,” the most expansive stage of all, about “brothers,” the greatest bond of all. “Space Brothers,” the most attention-getting, promising, and satisfying super-hit manga whose sales exceed 7 million copies is finally being made into a movie. In 2011, as the winner of the Kodansha Manga Award and the Shogakukan Manga Award, it became the first manga in history to win both awards in the same year. The film based on this popular manga was shot on location at the NASA Kennedy Space Center and received full support from JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency). The story set in the most expansive stage about the greatest bond will be brought to life on the silver screen.
Shun Oguri (“Crows Zero,” “Peak - The Rescuers -“) and Masaki Okada (“Villain,” “Confessions”), two young highly-talented and popular actors play brothers Mutta and Hibito, who aspire to keep a promise they made as children. Kumiko Aso plays Serika, an astronaut candidate who older brother Mutta falls in love with. Gaku Hamada, Hirofumi Arai, Yoshio Inoue, and Sansei Shiomi play the rival astronaut hopefuls. And with Shinichi Tsutsumi as the examiner of the selection process who warmly watches over the brothers, the cast comprises the biggest stars of the Japanese movie industry.
The theme song is provided by rock band Coldplay, one of the most popular bands in the 21st century in the world. This is the first time their music will be used in a Japanese movie.
From the two brothers who are dedicated to their dream about going to the boundless frontier of space, to everyone who has ever had his or her own dream, the greatest emotional masterpiece delivers the courage and the rock-and-roll spirit to keep up the pursuit.


Two brothers are fascinated by space and spend their days thinking about space and gazing up at the starry sky.
As children, the older brother, curly-haired Mutta Namba, and the younger brother, spiky-haired Hibito Namba, saw an UFO flying to the moon and promised each other that one day they will go to space together.
Nineteen years since then... Younger brother Hibito has become an astronaut at NASA to fulfill his promise and is assigned to a high-profile mission on the moon. On the other hand, older brother Mutta has just been fired from his job at an automobile company after head-butting his boss.
Then one day, Mutta receives a letter from JAXA informing him that he has passed the initial screening of astronaut candidates. Hibito had sent in an application on behalf of his older brother who had completely forgotten about the promise they made as children.
“Have you forgotten our promise?”
Mutta’s passion is rekindled by his younger brother’s commitment to their vow, and Mutta restarts his endeavor toward a once-forgotten dream.
Then the day comes when Hibito takes off for space.
Watching the spaceship lift off, Mutta’s feelings for space grow stronger.
When Mutta makes it to the final screening through the fierce competition, Hibito, the first Japanese to set foot on the moon, disappears while exploring the surface on a lunar rover.
Earth and the moon... Two brothers, worlds apart with the same dream...
Their hopeless situation comes to an astonishing and moving conclusion.


Original Comic
Chuya Koyama
Yoshitaka Mori
Mika Omori
Kenzo Abe
Shun Oguri
Masaki Okada
Takayuki Hattori
Naoki Kayano
Production Design
Yuji Tsuzuki
Release Date in Japan