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日本列島 いきものたちの物語
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The miraculous Islands of Japan, where "Love of Family" is everywhere.

The climate and topography of the Islands of Japan have blessed it with an abundance of natural splendor that is truly miraculous. An astounding variety of wildlife lives in these islands, perhaps more than any other place in the world. The deeply moving drama of the lives of these creatures is presented here for the very first time as a single theatrical documentary movie.

The dramatic stories of these various wildlife families are interwoven into a dramatic tapestry presented against a backdrop of the beautiful, changing seasons in various locations throughout Japan; Families of Japanese monkeys huddle together to survive the severe winter, as a baby monkey that’s lost his mother tries desperately to survive; Newborn wild boars must endure the strict but humorous training that their mother provides; Brown bear brothers, destined to be ‘Kings of the Forest,’ face the challenge of learning the hunting skills needed for their survival; In a field covered by deep snow, a pair of Ezo red foxes achieves bonding as a couple in a miraculous encounter.
Filming the spectacular true stories for this documentary required the participation of 25 of Japan’s top wildlife cameramen, involved more than 30 locations throughout all of Japan, and is the culmination of about 1,000 hours of footage filmed during a period of 2.5 years. The most intensely dramatic footage has been selected to portray the truly moving dramas in the wildlife stories.

The wildlife is seen displaying bonds of love as they live their hardy lives in the midst of beautiful but severe natural environments. That love is even stronger and more pure than the bonds of love that exist between humans.
For that reason especially, the true stories of the wildlife bonds portrayed in this documentary movie will move us even more deeply than previous movies have, and no doubt its powerful but warm message will remain with us long after we’ve seen the film.


Shiretoko Peninsula <WORLD HERITAGE>
Chronicle of brown bear brothers growing
and becoming independent

Aomori Prefecture: Shimokita Peninsula
Story of love between
a mother and a baby of Snow Monkey,
world's northernmost wild monkey

Hokkaido: Kushiro Marsh
Story of Ezo red fox parents
and cubs bonding and parting

Hokkaido: Cape Erimo
Birth of a harbor seal
and a risky adventure

Hyogo Prefecture: Rokko Mountains
Humorous adventures of
a wild boar mother and babies

Kagoshima Prefecture:
Yakushima Island <WORLD HERITAGE>
Tale of rebellious strife
occurring in this monkey paradise

Iriomote Island

Ogasawara Islands

Surprising dramas among the astounding
variety of sea creatures


Keizo Izuta
Taka Ichise
Voice Cast
Masaki Aiba
Masami Nagasawa
Hitomi Kuroki
Mitsuaki Iwago
Tadashi Shimada
Ikuo Nakamura
Ken FUchigami
Takayuki Hattori
Release Date in Japan