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Having received a prestigious Booksellers Award to become a popular bestseller (2010 Booksellers Second Prize - 10th Shogakukan Collection Novel Award), this deeply moving film adaption now brings two great actors together for the very first time!
The story of the novel is set amidst the natural splendor of the Shinshu region, Nagano Prefecture. It warmly portrays the reality of medical care in rural areas of Japan, with a doctor lamenting that he's not a "God," just "one human being." This bestselling novel, recipient of a major Booksellers Award, has now become a much-anticipated film adaption. This movie is a deeply-moving human drama that portrays the realities faced by a rural doctor. "One young man," with the support of his much-beloved wife, is an internist who goes through a process of growth as he establishes a way of life as a "full-fledged doctor." The doctor, patients, nurses, and their families and friends present a rich array of colorful characters that are skillfully interwoven through this powerful human drama. The youthful, invigorated young doctor and the serious themes of "the wonder of life" and "dealing with death" are portrayed with absolute sincerity in this movie, resulting in a profoundly moving film experience. The protagonist, Ichito KURIHARA, is played by Sho SAKURAI, a member of the musical group "Arashi." Here SAKURAI takes on the challenge of his first role as a doctor as he portrays the devoted husband and internist who also 'soothes the spirit,' and is fond of the novels of Soseki NATSUME. Ichito's wife, Haruna, is played by Aoi MIYAZAKI. She plays his lovely and charming wife, who is a photographer that can 'heal the spirit.' This movie is their first opportunity to perform together. The movie was directed by the very gifted Yoshihiro FUKAGAWA. His previous movie, “Dear My Love” ('09), was a major hit that clearly showed his remarkable ability to bring out the best in actors. He is one of most respected directors in the world of Japanese film, and two other movies that he directed has been released, “Faint Midnight Sun” and “PATISSERIE Coin de rue”.


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Sosuke Natsukawa
Yoshihiro Fukagawa
Noriko Goto
Kenzo Abe
Genki Kawamura
Takahiro Kawada
Sho Sakurai
Aoi Miyazaki
Suguru Matsutani
Kosuke Yamada
Naoya Bando
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