TRICK The Movie Psychic Battle Royale

Original Title:
劇場版TRICK 霊能力者バトルロイヤル
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TRICK began as a late-night TV drama on TV Asahi in July 2000. Naoko Yamada (played by Yukie Nakama), a self-proclaimed “beautiful superstar genius magician”, and Jiro Ueda (played by Hiroshi Abe), a gullible yet brilliant physicist, form an oddball tandem that solves mysterious phenomena by revealing the tricks behind them. What began as a comedic mystery series on late night TV soon became massively popular, moving into primetime and spawning two feature films as it established itself as a long-running show with a wide fan base. “TRICK -The Movie- Psychic Battle Royale”, the third feature film in the series (four years after “TRICK -The Movie2-), opens theatrically this year to commemorate its 10th anniversary. Nakama and Abe return along with series regulars Katsuhisa Namase and Yoko Nogiwa, who are joined by an all-star ensemble cast for the most spectacular lineup yet. The show’s creator, Yukihiko Tsutsumi, has established himself as one of the top filmmakers in Japan, having directed such diverse works as the three 20th Century Boys features, Memories of Tomorrow, and many others. He returns to direct this third installment of TRICK, which promises to deliver the usual fun-and more-for both diehard fans and those being introduced the world of TRICK for the first time.


A remote, isolated village is lorded over by Kamihaeri, a powerful mystic. But when Kamihaeri dies, the village holds a “psychic battle royale” according to ancient custom, gathering psychic from across Japan and pitting them against one another in a death match in order to find a replacement. Hoping to win the lucrative treasure promised to the victor, self-proclaimed “superstar” magician Naoko Yamada participates, while Jiro Ueda reluctantly tags along to try and stop this foolish tradition. Together, they become embroiled in a terrifying-yet absurd-battle. What fate awaits our intrepid heroes?


Yukihiko Tsutsumi
Mitsuharu Makita
Kiyoshi Kuwata
Akihiro Yamauchi
Yukie Nakama
Hiroshi Abe
Yoh Tsuji
Shigetomo Madarame
Production Design
Hisao Inagaki
Masahiro Ohno
Release Date in Japan