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The film is based on the novel "Colorful" (1998, Rironsha), written by Eto Mori. She was awarded the prestigious 135th Naoki Prize for her novel "Kaze ni maiagaru biniru shito" (2009, Bungei Shunju). "Colorful" conveys a positive message of how good it is just to be alive. Of course, the story appeals not only to a younger audience, that is of the same generation as the main character, but also to adult readers who had once been junior high-school students. And now, through the skilled direction of Keiichi Hara, the novel has been reborn as the ultimate anime movie adaptation.


"Congratulations! You have won our lottery! You are the sinful dead soul of one who is guilty of a terrible crime, but you have won the opportunity to return to the realm of the living and face its challenges one more time. But while there, you must recall the crime that you committed."
These are the words spoken to 'Me' by Purapura (an angel?) in the realm that exists between Heaven and the Underworld. Me had died and become a drifting soul in this realm. It was in this way that the soul of Me transmigrated into the body of a junior high-school student by the name of 'Makoto Kobayashi,' who had just ended his life by committing suicide. Me would live once again through a very special kind of "home stay" in the body of Makoto Kobayashi.
The Makoto that has now been restored to life seems to be surrounded by a happy family environment, but in fact Makoto had despised his father. His mother is having an affair, and his older brother wouldn't even talk to his stupid younger brother, and looked down upon him. Furthermore, Purapura had told Me that the reason for the suicide of Makoto was that he had discovered that the girl in a junior class that he had a secret crush on, Hiroka, was earning money through teen prostitution.
Makoto had no friends at school, and his grades were the worst. However, the usual way Makoto interacts with the people around him such as a girl by the name of Shoko had been watching Makoto for quite some time, a boy called Saotome becomes the first true close friend of Makoto, his family and Hiroka, gradually begins to change due to the influence of the behavior of Me. While Me is living as Makoto, various things occur.


Original Story
Eto Mori
Keiichi Hara
Miho Maruo
Kazato Tomizawa
Aoi Miyazaki
Kow Otani
Character Design
Atsushi Yamagata
Animation Director
Masahiro Sato
Release Date in Japan