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The best seller "Kokuhaku" garnered numerous publisher awards in 2009 in a hardcover edition of 700,000 copies. Starting with the confession of a female teacher whose young daughter is killed by her students, the tale unfolds in a series of confessions by the key players as truth gets twisted and a series of terrifying, astounding, hair-raising events come to light.
This shocking work , already raising eyebrows from its incarnation in print now cranks it up a notch by being made as a movie! Who would have imagined? At the helm is the genius, Tetsuya Nakashima, renowned for the exquisite directorial style and superb work with actors in the films, "Kamikaze Girls", "Memories of Matsuko" and "Paco and the Magical Book".
Playing the lead role of the teacher, Yuko Moriguchi is high profile actress, Takako Matsu, much-awarded for her role in "Villon's Wife". She attempted the difficult role of a mother whose daughter is killed by her students after an ardent call from director Nakashima who stated there was no-one else who could play the character. Masaki Okada plays Moriguchi's annoying and overeager replacement teacher. Yoshino Kimura is the over-protective mother of the murderer. Finally, chosen after auditions of over 1,000 people throughout Japan, mention must be made of the thirty-seven "13-year-olds" of 7th Grade, Class B.


A noisy class in a middle school somewhere.
It's the end-of-term homeroom assembly.
Thirty-seven "13-year-olds" of Class B, 7th Grade.
In front of the class, their teacher, Yuko Moriguchi begins to speak.

My daughter is dead.
The police have ruled it accidental.
But she didn't die in an accident.
She was killed by students in this class.

A chill runs through the room.
But I can't let the matter lie like that.

The story begins with this confession.


Original Story
Kanae Minato
Tetsuya Nakashima
Tetsuya Nakashima
Genki Kawamura
Yuji Ishida
Yutaka Suzuki
Yoshihiro Kubota
Takako Matsu
Masaki Okada
Yoshino Kimura
Shoichi Ato
Atsushi Ozawa
Production Design
Towako Kuwashima
Release Date in Japan