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In 1935 Namiko emigrates to Manchuria with her husband Morita, who successfully establishes a brewery at Mutanchiang backed by the Kuangtung Army that controls northern China. Credit goes to Namiko whose intimacy whith Col. Osugi of the Kuangtung Army helps them expand the market throughout Manchuria. She also has a crush on a military agent, in the guise of a businessman, Lt. Himuro, who loves Elena, a Russian girl working as a tutor for Namiko’s children. Namiko has a powerful will, is aggressive, self-confident and passionate. Driven by jealousy, she turns Elena over to the military police claiming her to be a spy. Himuro decides to execute her. Shocked, Namiko tries to stop him to no avail. The woman’s execution tortures Himuro for the rest of his life.
Toward the end of the Pacific War, the Kuangtung Army loses its strength and shows little resistance to the abrupt Soviet invasion. Morita has left for Harbin when Soviet planes bomb Mutanchiang and destroy his brewery. As Japan surrenders in August, 1945, the Kuangtung Army is disarmed. Soldiers and citizens are plunged into confusion, being either killed or captured and sent to Siberia. The rest of them desperately seek to repatriate. With the aid of Himuro, Namiko and her children manage to reach Harbin and meet her husband. But soon after their reunion, he is forced into hard labor and dies.
Namiko finds Himuro, a hopeless addict, in an opium den. Earlier, he visited Elena’s father and confessed to having murdered her, hoping the angry father would kill him as a form of revenge. But her father merely shot him in the leg, and to ease the pain, he began to use opium. Namiko is determined to cure him but it is not easy. She takes him home and after weeks of fits of withdrawal, Himuro regains his health. It is Namiko’s firm belief that anyone should try his best to live. No one should want to die, no matter what. When her children catch her making love with Himuro, she tells them, “We’ve got to live. And to live, we need to love.”
When a ship comes to take the Japanese refugees home, Himuro refuses to return to Japan with Namiko. He is determined to live and die in Manchuria. Maybe it is his love for Elena…


Original Story
Rei Nakanishi
Yasuo Furuhata
Yumiko Inoue
Yasuo Furuhata
Shogo Tomiyama
Jie Shi
Takako Tokiwa
Yusuke Iseya
Teruyuki Kagawa
Tomoyuki Asakawa
Daisaku Kimura
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