Godzilla vs. Hedorah

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Marine biologist Dr. Yano is intrigued when a fisherman brings him a strange saltwater tadpole. Then on the television news, Dr. Yano sees a gigantic version of that same tadpole sink a ship.
The scientists takes his young son Ken on a diving expedition in the area where the creature was found. While underwater, Dr. Yano is attacked by a monster tadpole, as is young Ken on shore. Both are lucky enough to survive.
Now scarred from the attack, Dr. Yano explains to the press that the creature is a living mineral made from industrial waste. Each piece―or tadpole―has a life of its own. When combined, the creatures become a single, huge, and dangerous entity called Hedorah, the Smog monster.
The Smog monster mutates into different forms. A flying disc-shaped form spews poisonous acid. Another form inhales pollution from smokestacks.
As a group of teenagers stage a Woodstock-like eco-festival on Mt. Fuji, Hedorah attacks. The teens are saved by the timely arrival of Godzilla.
The battle between the monsters is a draw, and the military arrives with weapons to use against Hedorah. The combined might of humanity and Godzilla finally destroys Hedorah.
But is the threat gone forever? Or will it last as long as there is pollution?

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© 1971 TOHO


Yoshimitsu Banno
Kaoru Mabuchi
Yoshimitsu Banno
Executive Producer
Tomoyuki Tanaka
Akira Yamanouchi
Toshio Shibamoto
Hiroyuki Kawase
Yoshio Yoshida
Keiko Mari
Toshie Kimura
Riichiro Manabe
Special Effects
Teruyoshi Nakano
Release Date in Japan